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Electric cooker and oven repairs: DIY guidance


1)     How to repair when oven is dead, no power

First check that there is power coming to the appliance. Are any of the lights coming on? If not, you need to check the power supply to the appliance by plugging a small portable electric appliance in the socket, where your oven is plugged. If it works, then the problem is within your oven. Inspect the power cable for damage and the plug fuse that it is intact. If all this is fine, please call an appliance repair engineer out.

If the small appliance does not work as well, then check that the wall switch is on, the circuit breaker has not tripped or the main fuse has not blown. If all these are fine, you will need to call out an electrician to look at the installation.

2)     How to carry out oven repairs when not heating up

This is the most common problem with ovens and often can be easily rectified. If there is power supply to the oven at the moment, but there has been a power cut earlier, then the timer is probably flashing zeroes and needs to be set to show the time for the oven to heat up. You will find instructions how to do this in your manual. If you don’t keep the manual, try finding the combination of 2 buttons, which when pressed together will cause the zeroes to stay lit on the LED display for a short while. Then use +/- or ↑/↓controls to set the time.

If the above doesn’t solve the problem here is how you can trace the fault. Turn the selector switch (setting knob) on main oven and set the temperature. If your oven is fan assisted, start from this setting. Give it a few minutes to see if it will heat up. Notice if the fan is working and blowing air. Then try another setting – grill, for example. And so on until you have tested all of the options. If your oven does not work on only one setting, fan oven for example, then it is likely that the fan heating element needs replacing. In this case you need to make sure that the problem is not coming from the fan not circulating the heated air around.
If the oven does not heat on all settings, then it is likely that the fault lies with the thermostat behind the temperature control knob.
If your oven does not heat up on some settings, but works on other, you may need to change a few heating elements.
An oven would not heat up when the selector switch is faulty as well.

3)      How to repair when oven heats up intermittently

This usually indicates a faulty thermal cut-off fuse or cooling fan. For this type of oven repairs you may be better off calling a professional appliance engineer out.

4)      How to repair when oven door is not closing or it is not closing properly

This issue needs to be addressed as soon as it becomes apparent. When the door does not close properly, the heating element works harder to maintain the set temperature. So it wears off quicker and it will need replacing sooner.

This problem may be caused by faulty door hinges. Over time they wear off and the springs become more relaxed thus not closing the door well. Sometimes hinges just pop out and simply need to be pushed back in. How is this done depends on the type of hinges you have. There is really a huge variety and you just need to be observant. You also need to check the seal that it is supple and free of cracks and it is not hanging, but it is neatly laying against the door.