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Tumble dryer repairs: DIY advice


1)      How to repair when tumble dryer is not heating up

A tumble dryer won’t heat up for two main reasons:
·         The thermostat has switched off/has burnt (depending on the type and number of thermostats fitted to the appliance)
Tumble dryers usually have 2 thermostats. One would control the temperature of the circulating air by switching the heating element on and off when reaching certain temperature values.

The other one is a safety thermostat, sometimes called one-shot thermostat, because it only works once and then it needs to be replaced. This one is activated on higher temperature compared to the other thermostat. It switches the heating element off when the other thermostat fails to do so.

Overheating is often caused by build-up of fluff in the airways. So if you perform your maintenance routine, you are less likely to experience this problem.

Some models tumble dryers are fitted with a different type of safety thermostat that can be reset after it was activated once. On these models you can find a red resetting button-like rubber on the back of the appliance and pressing it would allow you to use the dryer again. But the problem will reoccur if the airways and filters are not cleaned.
·         The heating element is faulty
A heating element can become faulty after a good few years of use due to natural wear or prematurely, if you do not clean the filter and airways regularly. The latter would lead to fluff or other material to eventually reach the element and damage it.

If replacing a heating element is required for your tumble dryer repair, please call out an appliance repair engineer.

2)      How to repair when tumble dryer is not turning, drum does not rotate

This fault may develop for two main reasons. In the first case, the belt would have snapped or come off. And in the second case the motor is at fault. There is an easy way to figure out in which category your case falls in. If air is blowing inside the appliance, but the drum is not turning, you need to check the belt. If no air is blowing and the drum is not turning, then the fault is with the appliance’s motor. For this  type of tumble dryer repair it is safest that you call one of our professional engineers.