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Whether it is washing machine repairs, dishwasher repairs or oven repairs, we try our best to maintain a reasonably priced service. We charge flat one-off diagnostic and labour fees. There are no hidden charges, no parking or congestion charges are added to the invoice.

Our repairs price list is below:

Washing machines
£35 diagnostic fee + £29 labour fee + parts
£35 diagnostic fee + £29 labour fee + parts
Tumble dryers
£35 diagnostic fee + £29 labour fee + parts
Electric hobs and ovens
£35 diagnostic fee + £29 labour fee + parts
Appliance installation
£59 + materials

Our fees explained:

When our engineer visits you and inspects your appliance to diagnose the problem, he will explain to you his findings and will advise you on the type and cost of spare parts, if such are required. Sometimes repairs are so straightforward that your appliance will get fixed in the process of diagnosing. A blocked filter or drain hose would be such case. Other times, a spare part would have failed and before repalcing it and testing the appliance again, it may not be possible to determine, if this is the only fault. However, more often than not, the engineer will have the required part in stock and will be able to carry out further testing before coming to conclusion.

On some occasions, when a relativelly old appliance has sufferred substantial damage to a major component and shows significant signs of wear and tear, the engineer will advise you on the cost effectiveness of a repair to your appliance. For example, if your dishwasher is 8 years old and the PCB has failed which costs £200 to replace, you may prefer to replace your appliance.

In all cases when the engineer is ready with his diagnosis, he will give you all the details for you to take a decision what to do next.

If it is not cost-effective or you decide not to proceed with a repair to your appliance, as well as in the cases when the appliance is beyond repair, you will only incur a diagnostic fee.

If you go ahead with a repair, you will incur the labour fee on top of the diagnostic fee and the cost of any parts required. This is all. Whether we visit once or twice to complete the repair, or whether it takes 30 min or an hour or two hours, it doesn’t matter. You would pay the same amount.